[2] Can anyone tell me if the Birdsville Development Road is sealed please. Are you able to get from Tibooburra to Innaminka and the Dig Tree in a two wheel drive? Roll on to Charleville, immortalised in Slim Dustys song by the same name. And some crests can have nasty bulldust holes over them which you cant see until youre in them. Success! Toowoomba offers the visitor everything a wide range of accommodation for all budgets and many fine eateries, restaurants and shops. About 200km north of the Innamincka/Thargomindah Road, youll see the turnoff to Haddon Corner. When the season is favourable, the Murilla shire bursts into bloom. We fitted new tyres A/T to both before heading off which included the Birdville and Oodnadatta tracks and The Plenty Highway (Track) then back to the Tropics. Derek Barry Editor, the North West Star I was more wanting to know if anyone had actually travelled along the road to provide some indication of the degree of difficulty. Rather than risk getting bogged up to our axles, we decided to camp on the western side of the first dune and walk to Haddon Corner. A couple of others had driven through, but theyd obviously had some problems in deep bog holes. Some serious money has been spent on this road, with major earthworks to build up the road between sand dunes and cuttings into the sand dunes. The Warrego Way starts at the Sunshine State's capital, Brisbane, and finishes in the iconic and remote Birdsville. The gravel road was generally in good condition. Its a seemingly never-ending vista of gibbers covering the landscape. Total Distance: 1578 Kilometres. Warrego Way. Domestic travel is not restricted, but some conditions may apply. For all other route restrictions use the following link https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au. It was a couple of kilometres, but worth the exertion! Windorah - $1.50 4. We received a cracked windscreen from a P plate driver that could not be bothered to slow down, but 99.9% of road users out there were great. Restrictions apply due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Please click here for the latest travel advice from the Australian Government. https://www.oka4wd.com/forum/members-vehicles-public/569-oka196-xt-motorhome. Driving from the South via the Birdsville Track: We are 520km North of Marree; this route is all unsealed and is a track (not a highway, road or even a street). Go to the Comments below or join us on Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube.Any errors or omissions are mine alone. Leaving Birdsville you have several choices to go to. The above ruins are a good example of the kind of homesteads built by early settlers in Australia's remote regions. Be prepared, the detour might be a It is a lonely 460 km drive with no facilities along the way. What advice can you give. I have checked the QLD roads website (via the Birdsville pub website) and can see there is only 4WD access. just drive to the road conditions. The bike was a BSA 250cc, four-stroke. South Australian Outback Roads (SA Government), Queensland Road Condition Report (Live map via the Queensland Government), Road Conditions Report & other Travel Information (Diamantina Shire Council), Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks Road Report (SA Government), 1300 361 033 Northern SA Road Conditions (Automated Service), +61 (0)7 4656 2028 Outback Queensland / Diamantina Shire Road Condition Report (Visitor Information Centre), +61 (0)8 8648 5328 Simpson Desert Conservation Park & Witjira National Parks Desert Parks Information, +61 (0)8 8648 5300 Dept. [6] Floodway upgrade [ edit] Windorah to Birdsville road conditions - The Grey Nomads Forum Click here for the Grey Nomads website -> The Grey Nomads Forum -> Road conditions -> Windorah to Birdsville road conditions Start A New Topic Quick Reply Please log in to post quick replies. The first dune has an easier chicken track just to the north of the main track, so youll generally be okay there. However, its a special place especially at sunset. Twitter feed. Nearby to Warra visit a coloured cotton farm and insectary where predatory and beneficial insects are bred for use in agriculture. wish I was going CHEERS. Do you think that I will only need one tank of fuel? The road is arrow straight and you feel like youre on a giant rollercoaster. promise you there is more great Outback scenery and loneliness. These Waddi Trees This takes you past Moomba, a strange sight in the desert. Im travelling to Birdsville races from Whitsundays in September for my 50th. On that road your vehicle clearance and good tyres are a must. Road Conditions Report & other Travel Information, Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks Road Report. Route: Brisbane - Chinchilla - Roma - Charleville - Windorah - Birdsville. I carried a full back-pack, a couple of gallons of water on one crash-bar, and a jerry-can of fuel on the other side. This is a wide, well used gravel road. From here the mighty Cooper commences its epic journey towards Lake Eyre. sections are usually in good condition. Of that distance reckon about 60% is still corrugated dirt road. Picnic at beautiful Lake Houdraman, catch a yellow belly or some yabbies in the river or swim a few lazy laps of the Aquatic Centre. Delectable home baked goodies line the shelves just waiting to tempt you and your taste buds will be eternally grateful so give in to this temptation. Its a must !!!! Turn left off Warri Gate Road onto Orientos Road and youre into sand dune country. "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae WestOur 379km trek from Windorah to Birdsville had us embark on a journey into Queensland. Weather and Warnings . 4 trips to Birdsville Races in my Commodore , not a worry about puntures if carefull and watch the road . Then on to Dalby, the hub of Australias richest grain and cotton growing area. Visit the extremely rare Waddi trees, which only grow in three places in the world and, if youre lucky enough to time your visit with one of the many annual events, witness incredible displays of horsemanship at the gymkhanas, rodeos, bronco branding and race meets in the Diamantina shire. BaSC x Drive to road conditions Please drive to the road conditions and take care when passing trucks. The Shire's only industry is Beef Cattle Grazing, the area is renowned for the quality of stock produced. And last but not least, if you continue past the Old Strzelecki Track turnoff youll reach the Strzelecki Track. Keep following the Jump Up Loop Road north until you reach Middle Road at Olive Downs. Aimed at Baby Boomers & mature age travellers, there is a wealth of information, reviews, articles and other resources to educate and assist people. Toowoomba puts on a sensational show of colour in springtime. Travelled to the Birdsville races 2018 . Some of the bull dust holes at the top of the sand dune crests are big enough to swallow a small car. Although there is quite a lot of stony / gravel still out there it was a great trip. Now only about 70 km of road remain unsealed, and the dirt Anyone been that way recently? Middle Road is an alternative route to the Tibooburra Cameron Corner Road. So on top of nearly every dune is a mix of rock-hard clay and deep bull dust holes. We will be in a 1989 Hino Rainbow bus (motorhome) which is not 4x4. Road conditions from Longreach to Birdsville Longreach 36C Light Rain Feels like 94.82 Wind speed 14.9 mph Pressure 1006 hPa Jundah 25C Few Clouds Feels like 76.06 Wind speed 14.9 mph Pressure 1008 hPa Barcoo 25C Clear Sky Feels like 74.55 Wind speed 13.3 mph Pressure 1009 hPa Windorah 24C Clear Sky Feels like 74.41 Wind speed 13.5 mph Can anyone tell me how far out of Windorah the bitumen finishes on the way to Birdsville, someone said to me that there's only about 170km's of dirt now, is that correct?? Schedule a couple of days in Charleville and enjoy the diverse attractions. Listen to UHF 40 for instructions. Unless it's been raining heavy there will be no issues for a standard 2x2. Both are easy to climb from the west (on the way in) but can be difficult from the east. RACQ Road Conditions. Fantastic! During our trip across the non- bitumen areas we passed many a non- 4 wheel drive with several of them pulling caravans. The town is a hub for intrepid travellers heading across the Simpson Desert, the largest area of parallel sand dunes in the world. Licenses are required to fossick but theyre relatively cheap and readily available at the Information Centre, where you can also get a map to show you the best places for a days exploring and fossicking. Please noteThe Itinerary may change because of weather, road conditions, or other factors over which Karrabee has no control. This time, we struck it at its worst after a long dry spell. . bit challenging. The mercury is already nudging 40C on a February morning in Birdsville and, walking down the main drag, you could be forgiven for mistaking yourself in the nearby ghost town of Betoota. Along the way, you can see ancient trees from the dinosaur age, endangered mammals, unwind in the soothing waters from the sub artesian basin, delight in yarns told over country bars, or just relax and enjoy the brilliant sunsets and starry nights. The ruins are protected by federal and state heritage legislation, so please, leave them as you find them. In 2010 I was overtaken by a holden astra towing a camper trailer on these roads. From Dalby its a drive of 83 kilometres to Chinchilla. its sandy, stoney and dirt. Head to Hospital Hill Walk for a history lesson and then its on to Mitchell. ps have a look at big red, only about 30 km out the other side of town but worth a look. At the end of the Birdsville Track is the frontier town of Birdsville, one of Outback Australia's most recognised towns. The road was open, with plenty of wet black soil stretches which we easily avoided by driving around them. We covered this part of the journey earlier, so I wont repeat myself here. For all other route restrictions use the following link https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au . Dirt roads and pot holes are Ok. The Omicron Road joins onto Orientos Road, past Epsilon Station and into oil and gas fields. By the time we reached the Dig Tree, the sun was low in the sky. Learn about and the Birdsville Beetle Car 4. And the road is at least four lanes wide in places. I took my time to explore the odd place along . But first, lets have a look at some of the ways you can travel from Tibooburra to Innamincka. Im sure during peak season, thered be several travellers visiting Haddon Corner. Its not a slog through deep sand. Deep reds reflecting off the dunes and shimmering off the pools of water. Weve also done some of the alternative routes. 088356 1874. I assume you have an EPIRB or Spot Tracker? This property is now part of Sturt National Park. For over a century, windmills have generated the means to bring the water of the Great Artesian Basin, the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, above ground. country is considered very isolated, remote, empty. Apparently it is a fine of $1,000 per wheel if you are caught on a closed road. The Roadhouse - the Grand Central Station of Birdsville. Its roughy 380km from Windorah to Birdsville. Points of interest include the mirrored solar panels reflecting vibrant outback colours and the red sand hills, where you can watch the sunset from the crest of a magnificent red sand dune while sipping a glass of your favourite wine. And thirdly, theyve erected a giant sign warning that the speed limit is 50km/h in built-up areas. Visit Website. The Corroboree Tree, behind the Boulia State School, is the last recognised Corroboree Tree of the Pitta Pitta tribe. If Accommodation is at the "Windorah Hilton". After a full day or two in Miles its time to head due west to Roma, 140 kilometres further along the Warrego. We use cookies to understand website usage, improve visitor experience, and to show you relevant updates via other digital channels. Around 30 kilometres of dirt road between Bedourie and Birdsville will be sealed with $14.5 million of works on the Eyre Developmental Road now underway. but big red is well worth a look, and a night time concert would be unreal. Any questions or comments? Birdsville is a friendly place, and you shouldn't have any problems. Arrabury Road is well worth the drive. Mungerannie is the last . The Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre offers a historical display and the bank of the Diamantina River is a fantastic spot for fishing or enjoying a picnic. think it is important to lower tyre pressures (20PSI for mine) as road is mostly crushed rock and 80kmph is about as fast as I wanted to go. Established as a camping site for bullock teams and originally called Sadliers Waterhole, the collection of immaculate miniature buildings creatively whittled by the late Bob Johnson representing early Morven and district is most worthy of inspection at the Morven Historical Museum. Just wide open spaces and plenty of places to pull up stump for the night. The road varies from rough to sandy to a wide gravel highway further north. Back on the Warrego and you pass the little towns of Brigalow and Boonarga before entering Chinchilla. Enjoy these tips and articles in the Outback Guide. One About the Author | New Pages | Site Index | Contact. Windorah is the Aboriginal word meaning "Big Fish" and is located 35km south of where the Thomson and Barcoo Rivers join to form the multi-channelled Cooper's Creek. View all. Next day, we drove to Burkes Grave on Cooper Creek. Has anyone travelled from Windorah to Birdsville in the last week? Hi, you could call the Birdsville Hotel, or the Caravan Park, or the Birdsville Police. Windorah is an Aboriginal word meaning big fish, which is fitting given that there are huge yellowbelly cruising the depths of the Cooper Creek near Windorah. Visit the Chinchilla White Gums, a beautifully tall and straight eucalypt native to this area. Im thinking this might be bureaucracy gone mad. The road, which travels through the seemingly endless gibber plains of the Strzelecki and Sturt Stony deserts, is unsealed and recommended for 4WD vehicles only as road conditions vary dramatically depending on the weather and traffic. Most times it would be extremely arid. Chinchilla, now well known for its biannual Melon Festival, is also a favourite destination for petrified wood fossickers. The ruins are protected by federal and state heritage legislation, so please, leave them as you find them. kind. Once you say goodbye to Morven, its only another 90 kilometres to Charleville. the closer you camp to town the more arid the camping is. It is home to the mysterious Min Min Light, an unexplained ball of light that . To think Charles Sturt traversed this country then decided to walk back through it because he was fascinated by the landscape, defies belief. We recently 2 weeks ago travelled from Windorah to Birdsville and the road was good it is sealed from Windorah to the turn off then for the next approx 20 k. The unsealed section to Betoota was in good condition we towed a 21 ft van with no problems. Plus any idea on the road conditions the week before the races, Cheers. Queensland App. least it was much lonelier. See the map below for details on how to travel to Boulia and book your flight here. Lets have a look. It is a protected heritage site, and a good example of the type of homesteads built by the early settlers. The Red Stump Tourism and Events Queensland. Enjoy. So be careful, you never know whats around the next bend! This is a roadtrain route. However on Wednesday they were told by a local to get out to Windorah, they were expecting up to 100mm, the horses had been trucked to Windorah. two smashed windows like that. The wide red desert has patches of green and yellow springing up from the recent floods in the region. . Carefully restored and refurbished, each building captures the essence of its original use early last century. only prob ive had is idiots coming the other way that dont slow down. Just be careful. Next, the ruins of the abandoned Carcory Homestead are worth a stop. Thats another reason why we were nervous about taking on the muddy track if wed have become bogged, there was no chance of anyone helping us out. See the map below for details on how to travel to Boulia and book your flight here. Get your passport ready youre about to enter Queensland! Close to the highway is the Jondaryan Woolshed, built in 1859 and recently restored. We were planning to go to Birdsville from Brisbane starting Sunday but noticed there are reports of flooding on the Birdsville development road. 0419 502 332. enquiries@desertskytours.com. For accommodation, other facilities and contact details, check the Queensland travel tips page. Morven, which the locals say is small in size but big in character, is an easy 44 kilometres from Mungallala. Tinted orange from the red dust, it forms a valuable food source for stock in times of drought and provides a perfect refuge for the native birds and animals of the western plains. Stretching across 507,000 hectares this outback national park, 183 km southeast of Boulia is home to many rare and threatened species and abundant birdlife including the rainbird, blackfaced cuckoo, lorikeets, brolgas and plain turkey/bustards. It leads you into jump-up country and pretty soon youre heading straight for the hills. Photo: Derek Barry Locals and tourists are benefitting from $5 million worth of works on the Diamantina Developmental Road between Bedourie and Boulia which paved and sealed the final eight kms of the 190 km link, just in time for the Birdsville Races. I am new to caravanning and am yet to purchase our first van and tow vehicle. Keep an eye out for the oil donkeys dotted along the Old Strzelecki Track. Lots of stone chips if lucky ( 5 my first trip ) now l just get way of the road when l see them comming , who needs a broken windscreen or window. Day 4 - Thursday 1st September 2022 Windorah - Birdsville. About the Author | New Pages | Site Index | Contact, The Black Stump in Paringa, South Australia, The Eyre Developmental Road to Bedourie is very lonely, Carcory homestead ruins between Birdsville and Bedourie. But you can use these as a guide, no matter which direction you choose. This is a remote drive, with fuel being few and far between. Cuttaburra crossing further north is a permanent waterhole and

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